Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 11 - Assault on Ben Nevis

We woke up 'nice' and early, managing to catch a lift to the bottom of Ben Nevis from a couple staying at the bunkhouse (whose names I still don't know...only spent three days with them after all!).

Quote of the day: 'Your dog's come loose again'

We set off from the visitors centre at about 10am thinking we had a full days climb ahead of us. By lunchtime we had reached the summit after apparently 'forgetting' to pace ourselves again. Thanks to this rather brisk stroll up to the top, we didn't see a thing from the summit as the cloud level hadn't had chance to lift. On this bright side, 'it's all downhill from here folks!'

After a brief scout around the plateau & a baguette or so later, we headed back down into the sunshine. Once again taking full advantage of gravity and then some, we were back with our feet safely on the ground after just over 4.5hrs of climbing/running/sliding etc.

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