Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 6 - Lancaster to Carlisle

By this point we'd got ourselves a day a head of schedule by pure madness and a lack of knowing when to stop. So much madness that Dave had managed to work his bottom bracket loose. After a quick fix at Kendal, we headed on through the Lake District.

Some important food facts:

Three ice creams from iceland one after the other = good

Fruit loaves that are the best part of your GDA from asda = better

Moving on, we arrived in Penrith around 6-7pm and were thinking of finding somewhere to sleep for the night. For lack of a better option, and just to see what happened we found a local police station.

Apparently, police cells arn't open to the public....even if your a few hundred miles into a 1000mile trip. Oh well, at least we tried.
Sleeping arrangements got worse after this, after getting kicked out of a field (people are less welcoming around these parts) we carried on through Carlisle. In the end, we simply pitched by the roadside for the night.

If your a police officer in the Lake District, you really do need a rally car!]

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