Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 4 - On the road again

The plan for the day was to slowly make our way up to the north coast of Wales, stopping after 3 miles or so instead of having a day off after Snowdon. We didn't.

By lunchtime we had made it up to Conwy by the coast, so decided to head off on the A55 towards Liverpool. Apparently one 5 is good (i.e. A5), but even numbers of 5 is very bad indeed (A55) as for some reason cyclists are not permitted on this road.

No matter though! We found a better way, closer to the coast. It turns out there is a very flat, very smooth cycle route that follows the coast all the way round to Flint (Fflint if your Welsh). For those wishing to cycle along this splendid piece of genius (highly recommended), its cycle route 5! (naturally).

Quote of the day: "Slow down, your back wheel's going faster than the front!"

Turning point: Here we gave up on campsites, and opted instead for asking random people "Say, if you had a tent...where would you sleep round here?" Best reaction out of these being "My bed"

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