Sunday, 26 July 2009

Day 13 - Loch Lomond to Crawford

With a late start to the day and knowing it took us a day previously to navigate around Glasgow to avoid it, we decided to head straight through it. Some cyclists the day before had mentioned that there should be a cycle path that follows the river and leads through the centre of Glasgow.

There was in fact a cycle path somewhere near the City centre, however being a City the signs naturally all pointed in the wrong (and generally circular) direction. Telford & Warwickshire have similar issues for those interested.

Quote of the day: "Why is it these people decide to design these places with a Spirograph?"

Anyhoo! After a lot of time going backwards and forwards (just to confuse you) we eventually managed to get out of Glasgow and start heading towards Crawford again. As we passed through Hamilton we stopped at a sandwich shop that we almost put out of business on the way up once more.
If a sandwich shop says that you can have as many toppings as you want for the same price, they really should expect a couple of gits (yours truly & co) to come and ask for everything. Twice. Each.

Once fully fueled we headed onwards again, only to get stopped shortly after as we entered (from the wrong side) a local parade. Eventually (though I'm not sure when or how) some movement happened again, reaching the ever haunted Crawford about 8pm.

In other News:
Random wave/cheering due to topless cycling count: 5
Some general advice:
If by see an iceberg. My suggestion is to almost defiantly stop!
[Aside] Iceberg != Mountain

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