Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 3 - Attack on Snowdon

Let's be typically British and start with a weather update. Yep, you guessed it. Hottest day yet (29 degrees!....That's getting on for West 117 hot!). With tee-shirts still seeming like a fairly pointless invention, we struggled to the top, taking around 3 hours in total.

Much to Dave's disappointment, we accidentally (thanks to a rather useless bus driver) made and assault on the Watkin path....again! (after swearing never to again). At the top the cafe was finally open, looking a lot less like a spaceship than I had expected.

Inside I ordered something (to quote Douglas Adams) tasted almost exactly, unlike tea. Whilst attempting to cheer up my tea with a few good helpings of sugar, we got talking to a couple of guys who had just completed the 3 peaks challenge (the 24 hour version). They seemed quiet startled to hear we were on the same mission, but pedalling between mountains.

The decent following the Miner's path down was much easier, making full use of that 9.81 ms^-2 stuff.

Back down in Bedgelert, we met an incredible fellow from Liverpool who turned out to be a soldier back from Afghanistan with one hell of a war wound. After hearing what we were planning to do, he instantly brought us both a drink and offered us a lift to Liverpool. This was dismissed, partly as it would have involved leaving his girlfriend behind.
Thoughts of the day:

Will not be discussed....ever

Has realised that the spell check will correct for Afghanistan but not Bedgelert....interesting

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