Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 7 - To Scotland!

We woke up (quiet late) to find that our route had suddenly crossed over with the guys doing Lands End to John O'Groats. Every Pub after this point quickly identified us as cyclists (not entirely sure why, we didn't exactly 'look the part'....perhaps it's just that look of 'argh....feed me!').
We were eased into the first part of the 100 mile trek towards Glasgow by some friendly company in the form of two guys doing Lands End to John O'Groats. When our paths parted, they brought us both a couple of drinks, which was very much appreciated indeed at the end of the day. Over the next few days we regularly bumped into these two as it turned out we were heading along the same road up to Fort William after all!
Before stopping for the night, we stopped at a pub in Crawford. Here we met a couple of very jolly fellows who gave us this advice:

"Whatever you do, you have to go to the Drovers Inn!" (At least 6 really do have to go to the Drover's Inn, seriously.)

"When you get to the Drover's Inn, you must have the Steak Pie!" (again, he wasn't wrong)
"Aye, if ye go over the the way....I say boot a mile or so.....*slur* there be a wee place where ye can free camp. Anyone can go up there, its free." (this goes on for a while and a little open to interpretation)
"....So do you know anything about Crawford? You do know it's the most haunted village in the UK right?" (thanks guys)
Me: "Oh, right. So we can order pizza to the woods then. Worked on Top Gear, honestly."

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