Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day 14 - Crawford to Carlisle

Our first port of call for the day was once again the Crawford Arms Hotel, or in this case water point. Thanks to our previous colourful visit to Crawford, we were granted the honor of free water from the closed/locked Hotel. That and called mad again.

Before long we stopped for quite a considerable time at some Edinburgh Woolen Mill outlet. There was good reason for this. We were distracted by food, Whisky (though Dave refused to let us have any free samples...the fool) &....rain.
Whilst stopped we devoured an awful lot of chocolate amongst other things (supplied by BRAWNDO powered assistant! ...."Brawndo will make you win at packing!!")

The other interesting moment from this here stop, was a coach bearing the number plate "HI WET" (says it all doesn't it?)

For dinner, we stopped again in the town of Ecclefeckin (fantastic name) for a quick burger. Once again we were quickly recognised as those 'mad buggers'. Most seemed somewhat shocked to see were still alive in all this.

Setting off about 7pm from the pub, we finally settled firmly back on English at the end of the day (by a good mile or so :P)

Code alpha: We won't talk about that
"It's happened again, we've gone mad."

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