Saturday, 18 July 2009

Day 5 - Liverpool to Lancaster

With a very wet start to the day and waterproofs giving in, we decided to hide for a while in a MC Donald's. After a couple of minutes of standing around for a few minutes a wet floor sign was put up due to the puddle we'd created!

Eventually, we made our way to the Liverpool tunnel. This is apparently closed to cyclists apart from on Sundays :S. Given that it wasn't a Sunday, we were forced to take the train across.

This turned out to be a complicated experience given the platform was several floors below the entrance. Getting a bike with panniers and a tent into a small lift is an art in itself.

Once across the other side of the tunnel, we headed up to Preston. Arriving in Preston we decided enough was enough and a change of cloths was in order.

A place to change was eventually pointed out to us after a lengthy explanation as to why we needed to take loaded panniers into a shopping mall to the security team (twice).

Feeling thoroughly refreshed we pressed on towards Lancaster, stopping once more to ask for somewhere to sleep for the night. This was a more interesting experience than the previous time, meeting a fellow Scientist who originally taught in Hull. We also had directions and advice of "not Lancaster" from a Swiss chef, before heading once more for the coast!

After being persuaded that camping on the beach wasn't a good idea, we headed off once more into the night, but not before some fish and chips by the sea. At around 11pm, we'd had enough and Dave decided flagging down a random jogger would be a good idea. After advice of "camp anywhere" and not believing said jogger, we headed for a pub for better local info.

It turns out the jogger was spot on, as we were offered a variety of fields, barns and a morning brew by farmers and the like. We ended up setting up camp in a field at the back of the pub at midnight. Thanks, to all farmers around Carnforth!

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